ENZOLIFE Enzo Super Vision Plus

ENZOLIFE Enzo Super Vision Plus

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Enzolife Enzo Super Vision Plus is a premium dietary supplement containing numerous beneficial ingredients for eye health. Lutein, Fish Oil Omega-3 and D-Alpha Tocopherol as a combination may alleviate age-related vision problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Betacarotene may support protect the surface of the eyes from bacteria and viruses, reducing the risk of eye infections. High concentration Fish Oil Omega-3 may also support alleviate symptoms of eye dryness.

Sourced From Purity
Enzogenol® is a 100% natural extract from the bark of New Zealand grown Pinus Radiata trees. Enzogenol® consists of a potent mixture of natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plant com- pounds known as bioflavonoids.

ENZOGENOL® of New Zealand
Each capsule contains 25mg of Enzogenol®. Bioflavonoid content in this one bottle of Enzo Super Vision Plus(60 Caps), is equivalent to that of 10,500g of fresh fruits and vegetables. (based on the "USDA database for flavonoid contents in foods")




Each capsule contains:

  • Enzogenol® (Extract of NZ Pinus Radiata Bark) 25mg
  • Fish Oil Omega-3 715mg
        Equiv. to EPA & DHA 500mg
  • Lutein 20mg
  • D-alpha Tocopherol 67mg
  • Beta Carotene 11mg
  • Vitamin C 36mg
  • Selenium 55mcg
  • Zinc 16.5mg
  • Lecithin 16.5mg

Other ingredients: Bilberry Extract, COQ10, Spirulina, 7 Kinds of Berries extract, encapsulating aids


Directions for Use

  • For adults, take 1-2 Softgel(s) daily with food or as directed by healthcare practitioner