Nutralife Calcium and Magnesium (90s)

Nutralife Calcium and Magnesium (90s)

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This formula provides Calcium and Magnesium in an optimal ratio for healthy bone nutrition. Convenient, easy-to-swallow capsule.



Calcium and Magnesium both play important roles in maintaining bone health and strength, and in nerve and muscle function. Also contains Vitamin D3, which assists the body to absorb Calcium and Magnesium from the blood stream and utilise them, as well as Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Molybdenum – vital nutrients that help the body to form bone tissue, collagen and
bone matrix.

  • Recommended for: Helping to maintain healthy bones and teeth
  • Supporting bone formation
  • Supporting healthy Vitamin D levels


Recommended Adult Dosage: Take 1-2 capsules twice daily preferably with food, or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Each capsule provides

  • Calcium (as carbonate) 200mg
  • Magnesium (as oxide) 100mg
  • Copper (as sulfate) 60μg
  • Zinc (as amino acid chelate) 100μg
  • Manganese (as amino acid chelate) 100μg
  • Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol 2.5μg) 100 IU
  • Encapsulating aids


Gluten, wheat, dairy products, egg, soy, artificial colours, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners or preservative.