Nutralife Ginkgo 10000 Plus (30s)

Nutralife Ginkgo 10000 Plus (30s)

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High potency circulation support formula. Made with standardised Ginkgo plus antioxidants, Nutra-Life Ginkgo 10,000 Plus supports circulation, particularly to the hands, legs and feet, as well as assists with memory and cognitive function.



This formula is a complex of Ginkgo, Hawthorn and supporting vitamin and mineral co-factors to support peripheral circulation as well as normal brain and cognitive function.

Taken when required, Nutra-Life Ginkgo 10,000 Plus may help to:

  • Support circulation, particularly to hands, legs and feet
  •  Support general well-being
  •  Assist with memory and cognitive function.


Recommended Adult Dosage: Take 1 capsule daily with food or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Each capsule provides:

  • Standardised herbal extracts equiv. dry: Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) whole plant 2g,
  • Equiv. Bacosides calc. as Bacoside A 45mg
  • Ginkgo biloba leaf 10g
  • Equiv. Ginkgo flavonglycosides 49mg
  • Equiv. Ginkgolides and bilobalide 12mg
  • Cofactors: Tyrosine 100mg
  • Glutamine 100mg
  • Lecithin 50mg
  • Encapsulating aids.


Gluten, wheat, dairy products, egg, corn, artificial colours, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.