• Low-Risk Business

    Natural Health B2B allows you to sell products to your customers without incurring huge running costs like a wholesaler would have.

  • You Sell, We Do Delivery

    When a business receives an order, Natural Health, headquartered in New Zealand, safely delivers the latest products to the customer.

  • Easy but Profitable

    Our own brand consists of products that have been introduced to the market for a long time, have a large customer base, and generate high profits.

Become our B2B partner


What is Natural Health B2B?

As interest in health continues to increase, the demand for clean New Zealand health foods is also increasing.

New Zealand Natural Health has been located in the center of Auckland, New Zealand for over 20 years and has been selling health foods to customers based on trust and faith.

Now that overseas direct purchases are more active than ever, Natural Health has opened a B2B site with an easy and convenient payment system and delivery service for business owners.

Who can be a member of Natural Health B2B service?

Our B2B Service is available to any person or retailers who would like to partner with us to enhance their health supplements selection.

How Natural Health B2B works?

Business owners who become members can promote and sell products provided by Natural Health.

Once a sale is made, Natural Health provides shipping and customer service support.

Natural Health B2B member companies can conduct business easily and conveniently without the inconvenience of storing inventory or delivering products to customers.

What products we can deal with?

You can find not only products from famous health food brands in New Zealand and Australia such as Go Healthy, Good Health, and Blackmores, but also Natural Health's own products, which boast high margins, all at once.

We provide product detail pages and thumbnail images that can be used when list products on your website.

How to make a payment?

Log in to Natural Health b2b. When you log in, the product price will be displayed at the B2B member price. After shopping, you can complete the payment with your credit card.

Please let me know the registration process.

Complete the membership application form and attach your business registration certificate. Once your application is approved, an official vendor certificate will be sent via email or SNS.