Good Health  Colostrum powder (100g)

Good Health Colostrum powder (100g)

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Good Health Colostrum Powder 100g


General Information

Good Health Colostrum is a premium colostrum sourced from pasture-fed dairy cows.  Spray dried from colostrum, Colostrum is a nutritious source of IgG antibodies.


Contraindications and cautions:  Colostrum is a very low allergy ingredient and unlikely to cause any sort of reaction to those who are dairy and lactose intolerant – however if you are allergic to dairy products then do not take it. Colostrum does not interact with other medications, but it is always recommended to take supplements at a different time of the day than medication.

Common Uses

Supports general health and wellbeing,                                          

* Support for a healthy immune system

*Supports athletic performance


Measure 1 Metric teaspoon (3g) into water or other beverage.  Shake or stir to dissolve and enjoy.  Can also be added to food to increase nutritional value.  Spoon provided.